Box Customisations

Like previous games, you can customise various aspects of the game. However, in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, you can presently only customise the boxes. You can have up to 40 Boxes in this game, and you can customise them with 32 Box Wallpapers, all available from the beginning

These wallpapers match the wallpapers that were used in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, with some of the Pokémon Platinum ones available. This is done by selecting the Box name and changing the wallpaper.

Box Customisation

List of Box Wallpapers

ForestForestFrom Beginning
CityCityFrom Beginning
DesertDesertFrom Beginning
SavannaSavannaFrom Beginning
CragCragFrom Beginning
VolcanoVolcanoFrom Beginning
SnowSnowFrom Beginning
CaveCaveFrom Beginning
BeachBeachFrom Beginning
SeafloorSeafloorFrom Beginning
RiverRiverFrom Beginning
SkySkyFrom Beginning
Pokémon CenterPokémon CenterFrom Beginning
MachineMachineFrom Beginning
ChecksChecksFrom Beginning
SimpleSimpleFrom Beginning
SpaceSpaceFrom Beginning
BackyardBackyardFrom Beginning
NostalgicNostalgicFrom Beginning
TorchicTorchicFrom Beginning
TrioTrioFrom Beginning
PikapikaPikapikaFrom Beginning
LegendLegendFrom Beginning
Team GalacticTeam GalacticFrom Beginning
Distortion (Platinum)Distortion (Platinum)From Beginning
Trio (Platinum)Trio (Platinum)From Beginning
Contest (Platinum)Contest (Platinum)From Beginning
Pikapika (Platinum)Pikapika (Platinum)From Beginning
Nostalgic (Platinum)Nostalgic (Platinum)From Beginning
Legend (Platinum)Legend (Platinum)From Beginning
Croagunk (Platinum)Croagunk (Platinum)From Beginning
Team Galactic (Platinum)Team Galactic (Platinum)From Beginning