Evolution Methods

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are remakes of the original games so don't add any new evolution methods, however in keeping with the faithfulness of the remake, it adds back some methods of evolution that got replaced, in some cases giving the Pokémon two different ways to evolve.

There are multiple Location based evolutions in the game.

Base No. Pic Base Name Method Final No. Pic Final Name
#082 Magneton Use the Thunder Stone #462 Magnezone
Level up in Mt. Coronet
#133 Eevee Use the Leaf Stone #471 Leafeon
Level up next to Mossy Rock in Eterna Forest
#133 Eevee Use the Ice Stone #470 Glaceon
Level up next to Icy Rock in Route 217
#299 Nosepass Level up in Mt. Coronet #476 Probopass
#349 Feebas Level up after maxing the Beauty stat #350 Milotic