Arceus is the final Pokémon in the National Pokédex in the fourth Generation. Being called the Creation Pokémon, it is thought to be the God of all Pokémon. Being a god requires it to be incredibly powerful, which of course it is, with the highest base stat total in the entire history of Pokémon. However, its trademark ability is a rather interesting one which involves form change is to explain all of the forms and use display them for you to see.

Throughout the game, you will find certain Plates that look like the picture to the left. Thesee plates serve no other purpose so be sure to store them. Each time you get one, you're able to unlock another piece of the Myth about Arceus, which will be posted here once we've finished translating.

When these Plates are attached to Arceus, his colouring shall change and as will his type. With his stats and massive movepool, this is an incredibly handy thing for Arceus.

Without any Item attached, Arceus looks like it does in the picture to the right and has the Normal Type

Below are the pictures of his forms and the types & Items that go with them:

Fire Form
Flame Plate

Water Form
Splash Plate

Electric Form
Zap Plate

Grass Form
Meadow Plate

Ice Form
Icicle Plate

Fighting Form
Fist Plate

Poison Form
Toxic Plate

Ground Form
Earth Plate

Flying Form
Sky Plate

Psychic Form
Mind Plate

Bug Form
Insect Plate

Rock Form
Stone Plate

Ghost Form
Spooky Plate

Dragon Form
Draco Plate

Dark Form
Dread Plate

Steel Form
Iron Plate

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