Battling in a way is controlled in the exact same manner as before. However now with the implementation of the Dual Screen system and the touch screen, battle is now fairly different
Main Battle

When the main battle starts, the bottom screen will display the Pokémon that you are using and gives you options on what to do. These options are the usual. Battle, Items or Switch Pokémon. In Wild Battles, Run will also be present. You select each of the options by touching them.


If you select Attacks, as normal you get the selection of 4 attacks all represented by a button. The button states the name, type and remaining PP of each attack. For example these attacks are: Quick Attack, Wave Guiding Bomb, Detect and Metal Claw for Lucario. It also gives the option to go back


In battle, your items are organised much differently to how they used to be organised. There are 4 Categories for the items to be used;

  • HP/PP Recovery - Items that restore HP and PP such as Potion's and Ether
  • PokéBalls - Stores all the Pokéballs
  • Status Recovery - Holds Items that restore Status & Stat afflictions
  • Battle Use - Holds Items that can be used in battle such as Fluffy Tail, X Attack etc.

Pokémon Selection

Pokémon Selection is shown in the same way as before, with the Pokémon in your team and their current HP & Status. Simply touch them to go to their menus or go back.

When you select a Pokémon, it gives shows you the Pokémon you have selected and requests whether you wish to check it's Summary or just send it out in battle immediately. It also as usual gives you the option to go back
Selecting the Pokémon's Status Screen, as in previous games you get a display of them. You're able to scroll between the pages using the scroll arrows and immediately send it out into battle. You can also return up a screen