of the newly revealed Pokémon has been found to be unavailable in Diamond & Pearl

The Manaphy Factor

However there is a way to obtain it. First, you need Pokémon Ranger. In it, once you have defeated the Go-Rock Squad in the game, you have access to the Ranger Net on the main screen. Then do the following:

  • Hold down the R Button, X and Left on the D-Pad
  • An option to enter the Password has appeared
  • Access that option in the Ranger Net
  • Enter the Password: P8M2-9D6F-43H7
  • The new Mission; Rescue the Egg, should be under the special mission list.
Click Here for a Walkthrough of the Mission
Once this is done, the Manaphy Egg will be accessible in the Ranger Net and allows you to send the egg to the Diamond & Pearl Games

Now, you have to access your Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl game. Once you have got to a Pokemart, save and go to the title; screen. Go into the main menu.

With this active, get Ranger in one DS and DP in another. Go to the Ranger Net and start sending the invitation of the Egg out through the Wireless function. Then on DP, in the menu it should pick up the Wireless Signal and the Manaphy Egg will be sent over to your game. Success! You now have the Manaphy Egg.
To collect the egg, go into any PokéMart in Sinnoh. There will be a man there and he will give you the egg

Now, you have the egg, just go walking for 2,560 steps. After this, the Egg will hatch, in a different way than usual Eggs hatching. It osolates and then glows and turns into Manaphy. Hatching at Level 1, Manaphy is now yours.

You can only send the one egg to this game of Diamond or Pearl and you can only send one Egg through your Ranger save, so cherish this Manaphy.

The Phione Factor

Phione, #489 in the Sinnoh Pokédex is one that normally you would NOT see in the entire game even if you were a veteran trainer unless you went online. Why? Because it is the offspring of Manaphy. Manaphy is the first legendary Pokémon that can breed. However, it is only capable of breeding with Ditto.

Breed Manaphy with a Ditto and the Pokémon spawned will be Phione. Phione is like Manaphy in every way. That said, Phione's Base Stats are all 20 less than Manaphy's and Phione lacks two of Manaphy's signiture moves; Heart Swap & Tail Glow. Everything else though such as the rest of the Learnset and Breeding abilities are identical.
So if you're lording your Manaphy off to your friends who don't have Ranger and they want it, just give them a Phione.