Although this is a minor aesthetic feature, it is cool nonetheless. You are capable of customising your Pokéballs by adding Seals on which change the effect of the Pokéball when it releases:

Your first port of call would be to get the Seal Pack in the house just west of the Unown Ruins. With this you will now be able to go to a Market in Sunyshore City.

In this Market, you are capable of purchasing many different kinds of Seals. They sell different Seals on different days and there are many kinds and strength of Seals.

They are usually fairly cheap at 50 to 150 PokéDollars so it'ld be worth stocking up

Now that you have stocked up on Seals, go to any PC and pick the second option, the option that used to be your Item PC (which has now been scrapped). Select the second option and you will get given a choice of Twelve Pokéballs. This is the amount of designs you are capable of storing.

Select the one you wish to edit and you can go into the next screen. On this screen however, you are also capable of assigning Pokémon to the design.

On this screen, you can select the designs that you have bought and place them on the Ball. You can place a fair few Seals onto the ball so you can amplify and make different combinations of Patterns and Graphics for when your Pokémon is sent into battle. You then save and assign to the Pokémon. In the selection screen, the Pokémon will have a crystal Pokéball icon net to their attached items.

The effects have a massive range, from Lightning Bolts to Black Hearts, you can personalise your Pokéballs for your team so if you have a Mismagius on your team, you can really go with it with many Dark and Ghost Like Seals.

There are also some Seals that are given to you depending on the forms of Unown that you have captured. This enables you to put seals on your Pokéballs that spell out your Pokémon's name as it is sent out into battle

Here are the names of the types of seals you can get. You get different choices every day so keep checking:

  • Heart Seal (A-F) - Gives Heart Effect
  • Star Seal (A-F) - Gives Star Effect
  • Line Seal (A-D) - Gives Line Effect
  • Smoke Seal (A-D) - Gives Smoke Effect
  • Ele-Seal (A-D) - Gives Electric Bolt Effect
  • Foamy Seal (A-D) - Gives Foam Effect
  • Fire Seal (A-D) - Gives Flame Effect
  • Party Seal (A-D) - Gives Party-Popper Effect
  • Flora Seal (A-D) - Gives Flower Effect
  • Song Seal (A-D) - Gives Musical Effect
  • A Seal - Z Seal (Unown) - Gives Letter Effect
  • Shock Seal
  • Mystery Seal