Trainer Cards, a staple of Pokémon. These cards show your Trainer ID, Badges and Pokédex Completion. However in DP there are a couple of changes and additions. Firstly there is a Point System which scores your battling abilities Generally as you go through the game. Below are the different levels of card (Note: you can get the cards in any order but it goes up sequentially so for example the way we say to get Star #2 can be done to get Star #5 and so forth):

Base - Red Card

The first card you will have is the Rileyeric Red one which contains no Stars on it. You will see this a lot in the game until you have go to the Elite Four

#1 - Blue Card

The next card that you obtain is Generally obtained through the defeat of the Elite Four. Once you have defeated them, you will have the next star, which for this scenario is the Blue Card

#2 - Bronze Card

The next card that you obtain is Generally obtained through Contests. Once you defeat the Master Rank in one of the Contest Categories; Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart & Tough, you will obtain this card, in this case...a Bronze Card

#3 - Silver Card

The next card that you obtain is Generally obtained through the Capture the Flag MiniGame Underground. Simply put, once you have completed this while playing with others, you will get the next card, in this case...a Silver Card

#4 - Gold Card

The penultimate card that you obtain is obtained via the Completion of the National Dex. What this requires you to do is get 482 Pokémon registered as owned in your Pokédex. This discounts; Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin & Arceus. This will give you the next card, in this case...the Gold Card

#5 - Black Card

The Final Card is the elusive 5 Star Black Card. This is obtained last, in our example, it is obtained by getting 100 consecutive wins in the Battle Tower. By no means an easy feat. Once this is done, you will have maxed out the Trainer Card!

Bottom - Badge Display

In Diamond & Pearl, the Badges are actually displayed in their full glory. However if you go for a few days without checking them, they will get rather dull and grimey so using the DS's touchscreen, you can actually clean the Badges until they're so prestine that they have 4 Sparkles around them. Perfect to show off over the WiFi Union Room

Special Thanks to Winter for the Trainer Card pictures