#647 Keldeo
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A Keldeott Justified Lack-two
Attacks Icy Wind, Sacred Sword
Keldeo is a follower of Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion who earned the place as their companion after mastering the move ‘Sacred Sword’ at the Pledge Grove. It learnt strength from Terrakion, agility from Virizion, and the importance of a tough spirit from Cobalion. After it lost it mentors, it remained at the Pledge Grove and later partnered up with Lack-two.
# Chapter Notes
505 VS Beartic Imagination
515 VS Keldeo
519 VS Keldeo II
529 VS Foongus
532 VS Tornadus I
533 VS Tornadus II
536 VS Kyurem I
537 VS Kyurem II
538 VS Kyurem III
539 VS Mandibuzz I
540 VS Mandibuzz

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