Pokémon Masters is a brand new game for iOS and Android and as such has got a myriad of new elements including a new battle system. This page is to detail all the mechanics for Pokémon Masters.

Battle Mechanics

Unlike previous Pokémon games, Pokémon Masters' battle system is a real-time system rather than turn based. As the battle progresses, the move gauge increases and when full, players can select a move from their Pokémon. Each Pokémon can have a selection of up to 4 moves, but with slots being taken up by slots of Support from the trainers. Each Pokémon move requires a certain amount of the Pokémon's Energy gauge

The trainer support can do things such as increase the Pokémon's stats or heal.

Battles Image

Sync Moves

Sync Moves are a powerful move that each trainer can unleash with their Pokémon. Each character has got a specific Sync Move with specific Pokémon that can do a significant amount of damage

Sync Moves Image

Unity Moves

Unity Moves are a special battle feature that occurs with the 3 on 3 mode. If all players have built up the gauge, they can unleash a special Unity Attack. This has all three of the Pokémon attack together with an even stronger attack than Sync Moves

Unity Moves can only be used in Co-Op Battles.

Unity Moves Image
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