Pokémon Masters EX is a brand new game for iOS and Android and as such has got a myriad of new elements including a new battle system. This page is to detail all the mechanics for Pokémon Masters EX.

Battle Mechanics

Unlike previous Pokémon games, Pokémon Masters EX' battle system is a real-time system rather than turn based. As the battle progresses, the move gauge increases and when full, players can select a move from their Pokémon. Each Pokémon can have a selection of up to 4 moves, but with slots being taken up by slots of Support from the trainers. Each Pokémon move requires a certain amount of the Pokémon's Energy gauge. You can increase the energy gauge twice in exchange for coins

The trainer support can do things such as increase the Pokémon's stats or heal.

Damage role is around x0.9 to x1 to allow for randomisation and stats can be boosted by 6. +2 is x1.4, +4 is x1.6 and +6 is x1.8 with Critical hits being x1.5. Spread moves reduce damage to 67% for damaging two foes and to half for damaging three foes.

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Recruiting Trainers

Trainers are obtained typically through the game's story. After defeating them, they'll often join your party. However, there is another way to recruit the trtainers. If you participate in Scout Missions, paid for by Gems, then you will have a chance of receiving a Sync Pair.

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Powering Up

You can power up your Pokémon through multiple means. First, your Trainers/Pokémon have got a level and, as you beat stages, their Level will increase. However, each Trainer has a Level Cap based on their overall Potential, but you can boost your Level Cap through item

As you go through the game, your Pokémon will also learn Passive Skills which are latent effects that exist for your Pokémon.

You can also increase your Sync Pair's Star Level by using ☆ Power Up items. This increases their overall power and the Level Cap

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Sync Moves

Sync Moves are a powerful move that each trainer can unleash with their Pokémon. Each character has got a specific Sync Move with specific Pokémon that can do a significant amount of damage

You can Level up the Sync Moves by summoning the same trainer twice. This is done randomly after completing Scout Missions where you'll receive a trainer as reward.

After use of Sync Moves, you will get a damage boost of 50%.

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Unity Moves

Unity Moves are a special battle feature that occurs with the 3 on 3 mode. If all players have built up the gauge, they can unleash a special Unity Attack. This has all three of the Pokémon attack together with an even stronger attack than Sync Moves

Unity Moves can only be used in Co-Op Battles.

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