Time Trial Events

Time Trial Events are a special Event style that was introduced in November 2020. These events give you a set amount of chances each day to play courses in order to beat it within a certain time to get Points that go towards rewards. These attempts stack each day if you don't finish them

Alongside the Time Trial courses, there's a Practice course so you can plot strategies before making your full attempts.

Time Trial Events Image

List of Time Trial Events

Image Name Duration
Top SpeedTop SpeedJune 6th 2022 - June 13th 2022 06:00 UTC
Eternal RivalsEternal RivalsApril 28th 2021 - May 16th 2021 06:00 UTC
Race to VictoryRace to VictoryNovember 12th 2020 06:00 UTC - November 26th 2020 06:00 UTC