Max Moves

In August 2021, Dynamax was introduced into the game. Dynamax is a feature introduced in Pokémon Sword & Shield that allows for your Pokémon to grow in size and utilise Max Moves. Max Moves have special effecta and are far more powerful than the usual moves.

While in the main games, these last three turns, in Pokémon Masters EX, Dynamax lasts only one turn and acts akin to Sync Moves in that it is simply a powerful move. Each Max Move a Pokémon can have has different effects and some Sync Pairs have Passive Skills that react to the use of Max Moves either by the Sync pair, or against the Sync Pair.

You can only use Dynamax once per battle

Dynamax in Pokémon Masters EX Image

List of Dynamax Capable Sync Pairs

Picture Name Pokémon Max Move
Elesa Emolga
Elesa Emolga Max Lightning
Max Lightning
Max Guard
Red Snorlax
Red Snorlax G-Max Replenish
Max Knuckle
Red Pikachu
Red Pikachu G-Max Volt Crash
Max Guard
G-Max Volt Crash
Gloria Urshifu
Gloria Urshifu G-Max Rapid Flow
Max Steelspike
Max Knuckle
Leon Eternatus
Leon Eternatus Eternabeam
Raihan Flygon
Raihan Flygon Max Wyrmwind
Max Flare
Max Guard
Allister Gengar
Allister Gengar G-Max Terror
Max Knuckle
Max Ooze
Bede Hatterene
Bede Hatterene G-Max Smite
Max Flare
Max Mindstorm
Victor Rillaboom
Victor Rillaboom G-Max Drum Solo
Max Quake
Gordie Coalossal
Gordie Coalossal G-Max Volcalith
Max Flare
Max Guard
Melony Lapras
Melony Lapras G-Max Resonance
Max Guard
Max Guard