Picture Name Role Base Rarity
Hapu Artwork Hapu Strike ☆☆☆

Obtaining Methods

Summon Location
Main StoryComplete Chapter 10: A Matter of Pride - Minds Made Up

Pokédex Entry

Flavor Text
HapuA kahuna who wanders the islands of Alola and has been accepted by its guardian deities, she inherited her title and speaking style from her greatly respected grandfather.

Hapu's Pokémon

Hapu & Mudsdale

Picture Name Focal Move Type Weakness
Mudsdale Image
English: Mudsdale
Japan: Banbadoro
French: Bourrinos
German: Pampross
Korean: 만마드
Ground-type Grass-type
Passive Skills
Clearheaded: Prevents the Pokémon from becoming confused.
Theme Skills
Ground Strike - Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 15 when using Ground-type attacks
Alola: Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 2
Trial Giver: Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 2
Pigtails: Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 2
Nature Lover: Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 2.

Standard Max Level (Lv. 140) Stats
HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
549 278 204 272 91 176
4 Star Stats
589 298 224 292 111 196
5 Star Stats
629 318 244 312 131 216
5 Star Max Potential Stats
669 338 264 332 151 236

NameTypeCategoryMax PowerAccuracyMove SlotsTarget
Mud-Slap Ground-typeSpecial Category Move 13-15 90 1 Opponent
Lowers the target's accuracy
X Accuracy  Other Category Move   2 Self
Sharply raises the user's accuracy
High Horsepower Ground-typePhysical Category Move 106-127 95 3 Opponent
No additional effect
Stand Strong!  Other Category Move   2 Self
Raises the user's Attack. Drastically raises the user's Defense

Sync Moves
NameTypeCategoryMax PowerTarget
Ultimately Worthy Tectonic Rage Ground-typePhysical Category Move 250-300 Opponent
No additional effect