Picture Name Role Base Rarity
Wulfric Artwork Wulfric Strike ☆☆☆

Obtaining Methods

Summon Location
Sync Pair ScoutingLusamine Master Fair Scout (November 30th 2021 - December 29th 2021) - 3.4%
Grimsley Spotlight Scout (November 26th 2021 - December 10th 2021) - 3.5%
Jasmine Seasonal Scout (November 18th - December 10th 2021) - 3.5%
Guzma Seasonal Scout (November 11th - December 10th 2021) - 3.5%
Iris and Diantha Poké Fair Scout (November 9th 2021 - November 23rd 2021) - 3.4%
and more...

Pokédex Entry

Flavor Text
WulfricA lover of Ice-type Pokémon and a family man, this Gym Leader cried when he saw the Brycen-Man movie and became a huge fan.

Wulfric's Pokémon

Wulfric & Avalugg

Picture Name Focal Move Type Weakness
Avalugg Image
English: Avalugg
Japan: Crebase
French: Séracrawl
German: Arktilas
Korean: 크레베이스
Ice-type Fire-type
Passive Skills
Clearheaded: Prevents the Pokémon from becoming confused.
Theme Skills
Ice Strike - Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 15 when using Ice-type attacks
Kalos: Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 2
Gym Leader: Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 2
Veteran Trainer: Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 2
Passionate Spirit: Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 2.

Standard Max Level (Lv. 140) Stats
HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
577 366 136 46 116 118
4 Star Stats
617 386 156 66 136 138
5 Star Stats
657 406 176 86 156 158
5 Star Max Potential Stats
697 426 196 106 176 178

NameTypeCategoryMax PowerAccuracyMove SlotsTarget
Ice Fang Ice-typePhysical Category Move 46-55 95 2 Opponent
Has a very small chance of making the target flinch or leaving the target frozen
X Attack  Other Category Move   2 Self
Sharply raises the user's Attack
Avalanche Ice-typePhysical Category Move 75-90 100 2 Opponent
The user gets ready to counterattack. Using this move again will cause the user to attack the target. No other actions can be taken while ready to counterattack. If the user is attacked while ready to counterattack, the user then attacks the target with double that power
Outstanding!  Other Category Move   1 Opponent
Makes opponents focus their attacks on the user. Drastically raises the user's Defense

Sync Moves
NameTypeCategoryMax PowerTarget
Unstoppable Avalanche Ice-typePhysical Category Move 250-300 Opponent
No additional effect