Energy Rewards

The Energy Rewards is a feature in Pokémon UNITE that unlocks when you reach Level 5. Once there, you will start to accumulate Energy with each match and the Energy can then be used in order to try and roll a special items.

You have a limit to the amount of Energy you can accumulate per week of 1,400 but you can increase it using an Extra-Energy Tank purchased in the shop. You can also increase the amount of Energy you receive per match using Energy Boost Tanks which increase the amount of Energy by 1 or 4 times the amount until it is depleted.

Energy Rewards Image

List of Energy Rewards Rates

Rank Reward
1% Holowear: Snorlax - Berry Style
1% Holowear: Crustle - Shrine Style
0.5% Holowear: Talonflame - Pilot Style
1% Clothing: Sailor Set: Headwear
1% Clothing: Sailor Set: Tops and Bottoms
2% Clothing: Sailor Set: Socks
1.8% Clothing: Sailor Set: Shoes
2% Clothing: Eldegoss Set: Headwear
1% Clothing: Eldegoss Set: Innerwear
1.8% Clothing: Eldegoss Set: Bottoms
2% Clothing: Eldegoss Set: Socks
2% Clothing: Eldegoss Set: Shoes
1.3% Clothing: Sylveon Set: Headwear
0.5% Clothing: Sylveon Set: Tops and Bottoms
1% Clothing: Sylveon Set: Back Item
1% Clothing: Sylveon Set: Socks
1.4% Clothing: Sylveon Set: Shoes
2% Clothing: Pit Crew Set: Headwear
1.8% Clothing: Pit Crew Set: Innerwear
1.8% Clothing: Pit Crew Set: Bottoms
2% Clothing: Pit Crew Set: Gloves
2% Clothing: Pit Crew Set: Shoes
2% Clothing: Star Hoodie (Pink)
2% Clothing: Short Socks (Black)
2% Clothing: High-Top Sneakers (Red)
1.8% Clothing: Varsity Jacket (Green)
3% Clothing: Windbreaker (Gray)
3% Clothing: Windbreaker (Orange)
2% Clothing: Hoodie (Gray)
2% Clothing: Denim Jacket (Splash)
2% Clothing: Gradient Board Shorts (Blue)
2% Clothing: Denim Pants (Blue)
2.5% Clothing: Three-Quarter-Sleeve Shirt (White)
2.5% Clothing: Straw Hat (Off-White)
2.5% Clothing: Leather Lace-Ups (Black)
2.5% Clothing: Sandals (Green)
2.5% Clothing: Striped Knee-High Socks (Gray)
10% Item: Aeos Coins * 320
5% Item: Aeos Ticket * 200
3% Item: Holowear Ticket * 10
3% Item: Fashion Ticket * 20
20% Item: Item Enhancer * 10