Pokémon Unite Mechanics

Pokémon Unite is a Team Battle Game and so has a lot of features new to Pokémon. This page is to detail the various elements of the game.


Unlike other games in similar genres, the objective here isn't to defeat your opposing team by KOing them, but rather by Score. To get points, you need to take out wild Pokémon or other players and collect special Balls for doing so. You then need to take the ball to one of the goals and successfully put the balls in the goal. The more you have, the longer it takes and you're vulnerable to attack when you do so.

As you score points in a Goal, the Goal's Hit Points will diminish, once the Goal has lost all points, it will be destroyed and you will need to move to the next one

Score Image

Leveling Up

When you start a match, your Pokémon is sent to its lowest evolution and you are Level 1. As you battle through and KO other opponents and Wild Pokémon, you will level up. As you Level up, you will gain access to more moves and even evolve.

As you Level Up, at two points you will receive options for the move to use. This happens every match and allows you to change strategy slightly as you go forwards.

Score Image

Legendary Battle

As you come to the end of the level, a Legendary Pokémon will often appear in the middle of the stage. If you manage to defeat it, you will get a lot of points and gain a special bonus for a short time

Score Image


Items are utilised in two ways in the game and can be purchased from the in-game stores using a variety of in-game currency

First are Hold Items, you can hold up to 3 Hold Items and power them up to get a myriad of different boosts such as boosts to stats, recovery and more
Second are the more Active Items like Potions. These run like attacks and are activated using a button.

Items Image