Ranked Battle

Like the other competitive Pokémon games, Pokémon UNITE has a Ranked Battle mode. This mode unlocks when you have reached Trainer Level 5 and have 5 Unite Passes. From there, you can participate in the Ranked Battles and rank up

There are no additional rewards per game for playing Ranked Battles, but when a season is finished you do receive rewards based on the performance throughout the season.

If your Fair-Play Point score drops below 80 due to idling, and other non-competitive play styles, then you are unable to participate in Ranked Battles.

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As you play through Ranked Battle, you will rank up. Each class of the rank requires you to collect 3 crystals before moving to the next one. For each win, you win a Crystal and for each loss, you lose a crystal, with Performance points also giving you a crystal. Each Rank has got a specific amount of classes until you reach Master Rank where you get a value based on your wins and losses

Beginner Rank3
Great Rank4
Expert Rank5
Veteran Rank5
Ultra Rank5
Master RankPoints - 0-99999
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Performance Points

As you play through the games, at the end you will receive Performance Points. These points can add to your ranking as, once you reach the limit for each Rank, it will give you a crystal to your ranking to potentially rank you up. These points you get are boosted based on your performance

50+ Score Bonus+5 Points
100+ Score Bonus+10 Points
200+ Score Bonus+20 Points
Sportsmanship Award+10 Points

The amount of points you need to get the boost also changes depending on which class you are in

RankRequire Points
Beginner Rank80 Points
Great Rank120 Points
Expert Rank200 Points
Veteran Rank300 Points
Ultra Rank500 Points

If you were going to Rank Down following a loss, if you have enough Performance Points accrued, it will take off points and prevent you ranking down.

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List of Ranked Battle Seasons

Season 1July 21st 2021 - November 8th 2021
Season 2November 8th 2021 - January 30th 2022
Season 4April 28th 2022 - July 21st 2022
Season 5July 21st 2022 - September 20th 2022