Pokémon UNITE's matches are not determined by who KOs the most Pokémon, but by who scores the most points. However, in addition to that, the game keeps track of the amount of KOs and amount of Assists you get, and uses that with the score to create an overall value for the match. The player with the highest score is designated as the MVP of the match

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With each match, various Pokémon get a specific medal based on their performance in the match. These medals are purely cosmetic but indicate how well you have done through the match.

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List of Medals

Picture MedalMethod
AssistAssistHad the most assists
Best ScoreBest ScoreScored the most goals
HealerHealedHealed most damage
InjuredInjuredMost damage received
KOKODealt the most KOs
Goal InterruptGoal InterruptInterrupted most goals
Silver All-RoundSilver All-RounderMVP score of 70+ for for an All-Rounder
Silver AttackSilver AttackMVP score of 70+ for for an Attacker
Silver DefenseSilver DefenseMVP score of 70+ for for a Defender
Silver SpeedsterSilver SpeedsterMVP score of 70+ for for a Speedster
Silver SupporterSilver SupporterMVP score of 70+ for for a Supporter
Gold All-RoundGold All-RounderMVP score of 80+ for an All-Rounder
Gold AttackGold AttackMVP score of 80+ for an Attacker
Gold DefenseGold DefenseMVP score of 80+ for a Defender
Gold SpeedsterGold SpeedsterMVP score of 80+ for a Speedster
Gold SupporterGold SupporterMVP score of 80+ for a Supporter