Trainer Level

Like many Pokémon games, Pokémon UNITE includes a form of progression in the form of your Trainer Level. Whenever you participate in a battle, you will receive points towards your Trainer Battle, with more points added if you use a Pokémon for the first time, or if you win

As you increase your Trainer Level, you will unlock various items and modes such as Ranked Battle at Rank 6 and upgrading hold items at Rank 9.

Trainer Level Image

List of Trainer Level Requirements & Rewards

Level Experience Required Reward Quantity
3250Aeos Coin950
6950Ranked Mode
71400X Attack
82050X Soeed
92900Item Enhancer50
103950Fluffy Tail
115200Eject Button
126650Item Enhancer50
138300Slow Smoke
1410150Full Heal
1512200Item Enhancer50
1716750Aeos Ticket300
1819250Item Enhancer80
1921900Item Enhancer80
2024700Aeos Ticket300
2128050Item Enhancer80
2231950Item Enhancer80
2336400Aeos Ticket300
2441400Item Enhancer80
2546950Aeos Coin950
2652550Aeos Ticket300
2758200Item Enhancer80
2863900Aeos Coin950
2969650Aeos Ticket300
3075450Item Enhancer100
3181350Aeos Coin950
3287350Aeos Ticket300
3393450Item Enhancer100
3499650Aeos Coin950
35105950Aeos Ticket300
36112300Item Enhancer100
37118700Aeos Coin950
38125150Aeos Ticket300
39131650Item Enhancer100
40138600Item Enhancer100
41147600Item Enhancer100
42158100Item Enhancer100
43170100Item Enhancer100
44183600Item Enhancer100
45198600Item Enhancer100
46215100Item Enhancer100
47233100Item Enhancer100
48252600Item Enhancer100
49273600Item Enhancer100
50296100Item Enhancer100