Like other Pokémon games, there are a number of events that will run through the game. Most of these encompass various missions to complete that offer a variety of rewards from Coins, Tickets to even Fashion Items.

There are multiple different kinds of events including daily login bonuses and the mission ones..

Ranked Battle Image

List of Daily Login Gift Events

Event Name Duration
14-Day Welcome Gifts July 21st 2021

List of Mission Events

Event Name Duration
Ranked Match Missions September 15th 2021 - September 22nd 2021
Event Missions Round 3 September 8th 2021 - September 22nd 2021
Commemorative Release Gift - Thirty Days since release August 18th 2021 - August 25th 2021
Event Missions Round 1 August 18th 2021 - September 2nd 2021
Intense Battle Training August 4th 2021 - August 19th 2021
Commemorative Release Gift - Fourteen Days since release August 3rd 2021 - August 25th 2021
Commemorative Release Gift - Seven Days since release July 27th 2021 - August 25th 2021
Quick Battle Challenge Mer Stadium July 21st 2021 - October 20th 2021
Quick Battle Challenge Auroma Park July 21st 2021 - October 20th 2021
Quick Battle Challenge Shivre City July 21st 2021 - October 20th 2021
Time for a Unite Battle July 21st 2021 - October 20th 2021
Aeos Research Institute Missions July 21st 2021 - December 20th 2021
Commemorative Release Gift July 21st 2021 - August 25th 2021