Pika Party

Duration: August 4th 2022 - September 1st 2022

This event focuses around a brand new mode, Pika Party in Quick Mode. These battles allow for you to use only Pikachu and only face off against Pikachu

Pika Party Image

List of Special Modes

PictureMode NameStagesDescription
Pika Party Pika Party Mer Stadium Pika Party The special event takes place in Mer Stadium and features a special feature where you can use only Pikachu

List of Event Missions

Pika Party Challenge Missions

Mission Reward
Participate in a Pika Party 5 times Item: Aeos tickets * 100
Participate in a Pika Party 10 times Clothing: Pikachu Headband
Participate in a Pika Party 15 times Item: Item Enhancer * 10
Participate in a Pika Party 20 times Item: Holowear Selection Box *