Pokemon Day 2022

Duration: February 24th 2022 - March 15th 2022

The third event was focused around Pokémon Day. It featured the introduction of Hoopa alongside various event bonuses and a special Mode, Full Force Battle

Pokemon Day 2022 Image

List of Pokémon Added in Event

Picture Pokémon Difficulty Style Role Attack Types
Hoopa Hoopa Expert Ranged Supporter Special

List of Holowear Added in Event

Picture Pokémon Obtaining Method Effects
Special Style Hoopa
Special Style
1050 Gems Movement

List of Special Modes

PictureMode NameStagesDescription
Full-Fury Battle Full-Fury Battle The special event takes place in Mer Stadium and features a reduction of Cooldowns for both moves and fainting to just 1 second

List of Event Missions

Hoopa Special Event

Mission Reward
Create 5 Donuts Item: Aeos Ticket * 100
Create 10 Donuts Item: Sticker (Special Style) * 1
Create 15 Donuts Item: Aeos Coin * 200
Create 20 Donuts Item: Sticker (Special Style) * 1
Create 25 Donuts Item: Aeos Coin * 500
Create 30 Donuts Item: 3 Day Aeos Coin Boost Card * 1
Create 35 Donuts Item: Extra-Energy Tank * 1
Create 40 Donuts Item: Aeos Coin * 800
Create 45 Donuts Item: Frame (Special Style) * 1
Create 50 Donuts Pokémon: Hoopa

List of Clothing added in event

Special Hat: Pokemon DayFree
Special Top: Pokemon DayFree