Island Trials

The Island Trials make a return in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon but with a change. There are some altered and new trials, as well as new Totem Pokémon. This page will detail all the changes until launch when it will list full details of the trial.

Lush Jungle

The trial held by Mallow has appeared to change a little bit in that you are hunting for different items in different areas of Lush Jungle such as a Big Root from a Sudowoodo.

Wela Volcano

It is currently unknown if Wela Volcano Park's trial is completely different, although it does feature the Hiker at the top of the volcano. However, it has been confirmed that the Totem Pokémon faced at the end is now an Alolan Marowak rather than Salazzle.


A new trial has also been confirmed to be within the game. This trial has you face off in battle against Mina. The full extent of.