Pokémon Colosseum

Battling in the Colosseums and Battle Mountain force you to follow some strict rules. Here is a description of each rule courtesy of Altomare Latios

  1. Opponent level rule

    All the trainer's Pokémon are on level 50 (or 100). If you have any Pokémon at a higher level, all the trainer's Pokémon will match your highest level.

  2. All Pokémon Rule restriction

    You're allowed only three Pokémon for single battles. Four for double battles.

  3. Pokémon Level Range (Minimum level - Maximum level)

    This rule marks the minimum level and the maximum level of Pokémon you can use. Your Pokémon must be between the range.

  4. Total Pokémon Level (6-600)

    The overall total level your Pokémon must meet. Even if you have a maximum level rule of 100, if this is at 500, then you cannot have six level 100 Pokémon.

  5. All Pokémon allowed

    If this rule is on, you are allowed to use all six of your team. If not then the old Stadium rule applies.

  6. Attached items allowed

    Allow items to be attached onto your Pokémon.

  7. Any item allowed

    Allow any item to be attached. (What items are blocked out is pending)

  8. More than two asleep

    If one Pokémon is asleep on your team, another cannot be asleep. You can however, have one asleep and one frozen.

  9. More than two frozen

    If one Pokémon is frozen on your team, another cannot be frozen. You can however, have one frozen and one asleep.

  10. Allow Skill Swap

    Allows the ability Skill Swap. Maybe considered unfair in certain cases.

  11. Self-Destruct/Explosion as a last move victory condition

    If this rule is off: if your last Pokémon uses Self-Destruct or Explosion as a last move, you lose regardless if you defeat your last opponent's Pokémon.

  12. Allow Perish song and Destiny Bond to be used

    Allows the ability Perish song and Destiny Bond. Both moves are considered unfair on certain occasions (such as when you have two Pokémon, and your opponent has one left).

  13. Allow Sonic Boom and Dragon Rage

    Allows the ability Sonic Boom and Dragon Rage. Because of their set damage, this move can be considered unfair on occasions.

  14. Battle time limit

    Sets a battle time limit. Whoever has the most Pokémon in the best condition at the end wins the match.

  15. Ability select time limit

    Sets an ability time limit. If you cannot select an ability within this time limit, one will be selected for you.

    Other Rules

  16. No Dark Pokémon

    If your Scenario Mode team has any Dark Pokémon, you cannot participate.

  17. All Pokémon are okay to use

    Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys are all okay to use

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