#0185 Sudowoodo
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Gold's Sudowoodo
Gender Nickname Ability
Male Sudobo Sturdy
Attacks Dynamic Punch, Flail, Focus Punch, Low Kick, Mimic, Mud Slap, Rock Tomb
Gold recruited this Sudowoodo which was blocking the path on Route 37 during his race with Whitney.
# Chapter Notes
105 VS. Smeargle!
106 VS. Sudowoodo
107 VS. Gligar
108 VS. Quilava
111 VS. Tyranitar
145 VS. Sandslash
154 VS. Yanma
166 VS. Lugia & Ho-oh (Part 2)
172 The Last Battle VI
178 The Last Battle XII
180 The Last Battle XIV
337 Epilogue
441 Alternate Dimension Battle XI
442 VS Oddish
448 VS Parasect
453 VS Arceus II
459 VS Arceus VIII

  Emerald's Sudowoodo
Gender Nickname Ability
Female N/A Rock Head
Attacks Counter, Flail, Low Kick, Rock Slide
Emerald calmed this wild Sudowoodo at the Hoenn Battle Frontier. It later returned when Emerald battled Guile Hideout and joined his team.
# Chapter Notes
303 VS Sudowoodo
305 VS Illumise
307 VS Glalie Flashback
314 VS Smeargle
315 VS Surskit I
316 VS Surskit II
317 VS Shedinja
318 VS Shedinja II
319 VS Vileplume I
320 VS Vileplume II
321 VS Kirlia
323 VS Charizard I
325 VS Starmie
326 VS Lapras
327 VS Gulpin
328 The Final Battle I
333 The Final Battle VI
337 Epilogue
000 VS Gardevoir & Gallade
008 VS Goodra
009 VS Mega Swampert

Random Trainer's Pokémon

Unknown trainer at the Pokeathlon Dome
# Chapter Notes
442 VS Oddish

Battle Girl at the Mini-game Corner
# Chapter Notes
009 VS Sylveon

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