Winter Wonderland 2022

Release Dates:

December 24th - December 25th 2022

This event is the annual Winter Wonderland two day event which provides special bonuses and a collection challenge

Collection Challenge
Collection Challenge

Event Effects

Effect Type
Special Trade a Day +1
Daily Adventure Incense Duration 30 minutes

Collection Challenge Introduced in Event

Winter Wonderland Collection Challenge
Catch a Eevee in a Holiday Hat
10000 XP
Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Encounter
IncenseIncense * 1
Catch a Swinub
Catch a Snorunt
Catch a Spheal
Catch a Bergmite
Catch a Snover
Catch a Delibird in a bow
Catch a Vanillite
Catch a Cubchoo in a bow
Catch a Cryogonal