Event Only Pokémon Moves

A feature of the mainline Pokémon games has been that event distributed Pokémon would often have moves that they can't normally learn and Pokémon GO now continues this feature. In some events, the Pokémon you receive will have a special move that it can only learn. Using a Fast TM will also not work

Fast Attacks

Name Type Damage Energy Increase Duration Known By
Present 5 2.1 seconds Pikachu Delibird

Charge Attacks

Name Type Damage Critical Hit Chance Duration Energy Requirements Known By
Draco Meteor 150 0% 3 seconds 1 Energy Dragonite
Dragon Pulse 90 0% 3.6 seconds 2 Energy Ampharos
Frenzy Plant 100 0% 0 seconds 2 Energy Venusaur
Surf 65 0% 1.7 seconds 2 Energy Pikachu
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