Party Play

Party Play was introduced into the game in October 2023 and allows for players to team up in groups of up to 4 through the Party option in the user menu. Using QR code or special code to join, all four players will eventually appear on eachother's map in real time

This feature comes with a variety of perks including tracking of the different Pokémon counts caught by the players, Field Research completed and more during the time. After completion of the party, the full stats are shared.

You cannot complete Routes when in Party Play

Unique Special Research, Welcome Party, was relesed alongside this feature.

Party Play

Party Challenge

When you start the Party, the leader will get given a choice of a variety of tasks to complete. These tasks will include various things such as Win Raids, Spin PokéStops, Make Nice Throws and more, and offer rewards to each player for completing

As you play the game, the tasks will complete with you being able to check the progress and which player has completed the most of the tasks.

You can only run one challenge at a time and once you have completed the challenge, a new one will begin.

Party Play - Challenges

Party Power

When you participate in raids with your party, as each player unleashes a Fast Attack, a gauge will fill up. Eventually, when the gauge is filled up, you will be given an extra button to press.

When you press this button, the Party Power will be activated and, with this, the next Charged Attack each player uses will have its damage doubled.

Party Play - Party Power in Raids