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In 2018, Pokémon GO introduced the concept of Raid Days. These are days where, for three hours, a certain Pokémon will dominate raids at every single Pokémon Gym in the game with a three hour long timer. Each region has the event at different times. Click the Raid Day for more details

PictureNameDurationFocusSpecial Move
Mega Heracross DayMega Heracross Day April 13th 2024 Heracross
Primal Groudon DayPrimal Groudon Day March 23rd 2024 Groudon
Primal Kyogre DayPrimal Kyogre Day March 17th 2024 Kyogre
Hisuian Decidueye DayHisuian Decidueye Day February 11th 2024 Rowlet
Hisuian Typhlosion DayHisuian Typhlosion Day January 14th 2024 Typhlosion
Wyrdeer DayWyrdeer Day December 23rd 2023 Wyrdeer
Hisuian Samurott DayHisuian Samurott Day December 3rd 2023 Samurott
Mega Garchomp DayMega Garchomp Day November 11th 2023 Garchomp
Kleavor DayKleavor Day May 6th 2023 Kleavor
Hisuian Avalugg DayHisuian Avalugg Day December 24th 2022 Avalugg
Heading to Hoenn Mega Raid DayHeading to Hoenn Mega Raid Day December 3rd 2022 Sceptile Sceptile - Frenzy Plant
Blaziken - Blast Burn
Swampert - Hydro Cannon
Mega Gyarados DayMega Gyarados Day October 8th 2022 Gyarados
Deoxys DayDeoxys Day September 11 2022 Deoxys
Hisuian Braviary DayHisuian Braviary Day July 31st 2022 Braviary
Mega Kangaskhan DayMega Kangaskhan Day May 1st 2022 Kangaskhan
Kanto DayKanto Day February 28th 2021
Alolan Marowak DayAlolan Marowak Day October 31st 2020 Marowak - Shadow Bone
Pinsir DayPinsir Day June 28th 2020 Pinsir
Pokemon DayPokemon Day March 1st 2020 Gengar - Lick
Gengar - Psychic
Lickitung DayLickitung Day February 15th 2020 Lickitung - Body Slam
Lickilicky - Body Slam
Evolution Event DayEvolution Event Day December 7th 2019
Suicune DaySuicune Day August 17th 2019 Suicune
Entei DayEntei Day July 14th 2019 Entei
Raikou DayRaikou Day June 29th 2019 Raikou
Lapras DayLapras Day May 25th/26th 2019 Lapras Lapras - Ice Shard
Lapras - Ice Beam
Gengar DayGengar Day November 3rd 2018 Gengar Gengar - Lick
Gengar - Psychic
Moltres DayMoltres Day September 8th 2018 Moltres Moltres - Sky Attack
Zapdos DayZapdos Day July 21st 2018 Zapdos Zapdos - Thunder Shock
Articuno DayArticuno Day July 7th 2018
August 4th 2018
Articuno Articuno - Hurricane