March 2020

Release Dates:

March 7th 2020

This Pokémon GO Takeover, in addition to adding Team GO Rocket Stops, allowed for players to TM away Frustration from their Shadow Pokémon. It ran from 2pm to 5pm

Field Research
Field Research
Shop Box

Event Effects

Effect Type
Team GO Rocket Grunts All PokéStops
Shadow Pokémon Move - Frustration Removeable with Charged TM

Event Exclusive Field Research

Task Reward
Rocket Takeover: Defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt
EkansEkans Encounter
MeowthMeowth Encounter
KoffingKoffing Encounter
Max ReviveMax Revive * 1
Rocket Takeover: Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts
SkorupiSkorupi Encounter
PurrloinPurrloin Encounter
Rocket Takeover: Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader
Rare CandyRare Candy * 3

Event Item Boxes

GO Rocket Box
480 Coins
Max Potion10
Rocket Radar3
Super Incubator1
Max Revive10