Pokémon Island Beach
Pokémon Island Beach

The beach is the first level that you will encounter in the game and holds a variety of Pokémon for you to capture on film

Pokémon Found

There are twelve species of Pokémon found within the beach. Several of them multiple times. Below is a list as well as screenshots of one of their positions in-game in the likely order to find them:


Pidgey is the first Pokémon that you will find in the level. You will see a pair of them flying around. Several will also turn up in the level being chased by a Meowth. Near the end two also arrive and attack Meowth


At several points during the level, Doduo will jump out of a clump of grass and run off to the right


There is a Pikachu on the beach at the start of the level, which you can lure over to a surfboard for a good picture. Also, later in the level if you have managed to lure Scyther out, two will sit on some logs and will Thundershock if you use the Pokéflute for a good photo-op


Butterfree are found throughout the level flying about. Very hard to miss, however there is a congregation of four around the bridge area


Lapras is seen far out at see whenever you have an area that looks out to the sea. Take pictures of all of them and they will appear close up later on


Snorlax is seen laying next to the track half way through the level. use the Pokéflute to wake it up to take a photo


Meowth is seen mid-way through the level on top of a rock. Knock it down with a Pester Ball for a good shot. Later a couple are seen chasing Pidgeys out of the grass


Scyther is hidden in the deep grass and will come out if you him with a Pester Ball


Part way through the level, Eevee is found chasing a big Pink Ball


The big pink ball that Eevee is chasing turns out to be Chansey, hit it with an item (such as a Pester Ball or a PokéFood) and it will stop rolling and stand ready for her closeup


Magikarp is found simply by throwing Pokémon food into the river when you're over the bridge. It will jump up and you can get a picture


Kangaskhan is found near the end of the level with it's back turned from you. Lure it round with Pokémon Food in order to get a good picture

Pokémon Sign

Kingler Rock

Early in the level, if you turn your camera all the way round, you will eventually see a rock formation that looks like a Kingler. This is the Pokémon sign for this level