Pokémon Snap been put onto the Nintendo Wii & Wii U Virtual Console and have largely remained unaltered, however unlike the other Virtual Console games, this game comes with a variety of alterations. These alterations are cosmetic and some even have added functionality.

Wii U: Yes
Wii: Yes

A change exclusive to Pokémon Snap on the Virtual Console is an alteration of Jynx's image, in line with other Virtual Console releases of early Pokémon games, Jynx has had its base model recoloured, changing the colour of its body from black to purple.

Nintendo 64Virtual Console
Nintendo 64 Virtual Console
Picture Saving
Wii U: No
Wii: Yes

In the original Pokémon Snap, if you saved an image to your gallery, you could take your game cartridge to a station and have your favourite photos from the game printed out. The Wii version of the game changes this somewhat. In the gallery feature of the game, if you press the Select button on your controller, the game will save the photo to the Wii Message Board. From here, in the Wii's operating system, you could save the photo to an SD card or, using Wii Connect 24, send the photo to people on your friend list. The Wii Connect 24 functionality ended on June 28th 2013.

In-GameWii Menu
Nintendo 64 Virtual Console

The Wii U version lacks this feature as you have the ability to upload screenshots from the game directly to the Miiverse social network, where images can then be saved and shared.