In Pokémon Island, there are 63 Species of Pokémon that are able of being captured on film. These Pokémon are all from the Kanto Region. As there are seven areas of Pokémon Island, the 63 Pokémon are distributed evenly, with several appearing in more than one area. Below is the location list. Click on the area name for it's walkthrough page

Name Beach Tunnel Volcano River Cave Valley Rainbow
Bulbasaur       Yes Yes    
Charmander     Yes        
Charmeleon     Yes        
Charizard     Yes        
Squirtle           Yes  
Metapod       Yes      
Butterfree Yes            
Kakuna   Yes          
Pidgey Yes            
Pikachu Yes Yes   Yes Yes    
Sandshrew           Yes  
Sandslash           Yes  
Vulpix     Yes        
Jigglypuff         Yes    
Zubat   Yes     Yes    
Vileplume       Yes      
Diglett   Yes          
Dugtrio   Yes          
Meowth Yes            
Psyduck       Yes      
Mankey           Yes  
Growlithe     Yes        
Arcanine     Yes        
Poliwag       Yes      
Weepinbell         Yes    
Victreebel         Yes    
Geodude           Yes  
Graveler           Yes  
Rapidash     Yes        
Slowpoke       Yes      
Slowbro       Yes      
Magnemite   Yes          
Magneton   Yes          
Doduo Yes            
Grimer         Yes    
Muk         Yes    
Shellder       Yes      
Cloyster       Yes      
Haunter   Yes          
Electrode   Yes          
Koffing       Yes      
Chansey Yes            
Kangaskhan Yes            
Goldeen           Yes  
Staryu           Yes  
Starmie           Yes  
Scyther Yes            
Jynx         Yes    
Electabuzz   Yes          
Magmar     Yes        
Magikarp Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Gyarados           Yes  
Lapras Yes            
Ditto         Yes    
Eevee Yes            
Porygon       Yes      
Snorlax Yes            
Articuno         Yes    
Zapdos   Yes          
Moltres     Yes        
Dratini           Yes  
Dragonite           Yes  
Mew             Yes