Pokémon Island is a small island just off of the Kanto region and Kanto Professor Oak has got a laboratory and cabin on the island. There are 63 Pokémon in the island all within 7 different areas. The trick is to manage to get great photos of all of them. Below are the regions of the island



The beach is the first area in the game, it has you following a track all around the coast giving you many photo opportunities of many Pokémon

Pokémon Count: 12
Unlocked by: Starting the Game

The Tunnel has you going through a Tunnel which has an electrical generator in it. It holds many Electric and Cave Dwelling Pokémon

Pokémon Count: 12
Unlocked by: Finishing the Beach level

The Volcano is the second highest point in the game. You follow the pather around some volcanoes and even over one and as such it has many Fire Pokémon

Pokémon Count: 10
Unlocked by: Cause the Electrode at the end of the Tunnel to explode revealing a new path

You follow a river going through a forest. It has many Grass & Water Pokémon dwelling within

Pokémon Count: 12
Unlocked by: Finish the Volcano Level

You are freefalling and flying through a deep dark cave with a variety of different types of Pokémon

Pokémon Count: 13
Unlocked by: Use a Pester Ball on the final hidden Porygon to make it land on a switch

Here you are flowing on a ricver that goes through a Valley. It also has a variety of types of Pokémon including Ground & Water

Pokémon Count: 13
Unlocked by: Finishing the Cave level
Rainbow Cloud

This hidden level is home only to Mew and has you following the path through the cloud to try and defeat Mew's sheild so you can take a photo

Pokémon Count: 1
Unlocked by: Knock the final Mankey onto a switch in the Valley Level and then collect photos of all the Pokémon Signs