Pokémon Island Cave
Pokémon Island Cave

The Cave is the fifth level that you will encounter, unlocked by accessing the secret exit on the River by knocking the final Porygon out onto the switch and holds a variety of Pokémon for you to capture on film

Pokémon Found

There are thirteen species of Pokémon found within the Cave. Several of them multiple times. Below is a list as well as screenshots of one of their positions in-game in the likely order to find them:


There are some Gimer in cave openings near the start of the level. However later on there are some on more nearby platforms


To get Muk, you need to hit the Grimer with three Pester Balls. This will cause the Grimer to evolve


Several Zubat will fly at you at the start of the course, like previous Zubats this is a tricky picture to get so you have to be prepared. Later on there will be a Zubat carrying Pikachu


These Bulbsaur are on a ledge to the right. However, they don't look like Bulbasaur...


Hit them with a Pester Ball and they'll revert back into a Ditto


At various points throughout the level, there are several Koffing harassing Jigglypuff. However you need to hit them with the Pester Ball for the next to appear


Each Jigglypuff is being harassed by Koffing. Knock out the Koffing with Pester Balls all 3 times and you will be trated to a Jigglypuff concert at the end that goes for good points


Midway through the level, there is a Weepinbell hovering around a Pool


If you hit the Weepinbell with a Pester Ball, it will fall into the pool and evolve. It's angry pose scores well


Throw an item into the water for Magikarp to jump out


You will find Pikachu being carried by a Zubat. If you hit the Zubat with a Pester Ball, it will fall and glide down with the aid of Balloons. This is a good photo opportunity. If you release Articuno later, at the end of the level it will fly up on Articuno's back. This photo is worth a lot


These Jynx are asleep near to the end of the level by the egg. Awaken them with the Pokéflute


If you wake the Jynx and they do their dance, the egg they're near will hatch into Articuno

Pokémon Sign

Mewtwo Constellation

In the middle of the level when the Koffing are chasing the Jigglypuff, if you look behind you when you get to the water pools, you will find a load of shining rocks. Take a photo of it and when developed they will show the Mewtwo constellation