Pokémon Island River
Pokémon Island River

The river is the fourth level that you will encounter, unlocked by completing the Volcano level and holds a variety of Pokémon for you to capture on film

Pokémon Found

There are twelve species of Pokémon found within the River. Several of them multiple times. Below is a list as well as screenshots of one of their positions in-game in the likely order to find them:


Up on the bank on the right hand size of the level, Poliwag are all a bit too concealed in order to get pictures. If you hit them with Pester Balls, they will all end up diving into the river. This will make a good shot. They will also subsequently jump out of the water


Near the start to the left there will be two Bulbasaur bulbs sticking out of tree stumps. Hit them with Pester Balls for them to come out. There is also one hidden in the horizontal log. Use an Apple to lure it out


Shellder will now be seen jumping in and out of the river at various rates and then hovering before falling back in


If you throw items in the water, Magikarp will come flying out


There are two Slowpoke sitting on the edge of the riverbed. If you can lure them with PokéFood over to the Shellder sign, they will begin fishing which gets good points


If you make a Slowpoke fish, a Shellder will grab onto its tail and cause it to evolve into Slowbro


You can only see Vileplume's flower and the gas which it is giving out as it is asleep. However, if you use the Pokéflute, it will wake up and start dancing. A good photo opportunity


the Metapod are all hanging from trees. If you hit them with Pester Balls, they will fall down for some good close up pictures


You will find Psyduck paddling around some logs. If you knock it over with an item however, it will jump back up into the air for some great photos


Porygon are hidden within the walls. If you hit the little triangle beaks you can see in the walls with a Pester Ball, they will come out. However, before you can take a photo of them you must hit them with another Pester Ball so that they lose their Camoflague


Nearer the end of the level, Cloyster will jump out with the Shellder. A Very Rare picture to take


Right near the end of the level there will be a Pikachu standing on the rocks. If you knock him off of the logs, he will start running about. Grab a picture of this for many points

Pokémon Sign

Cubone Tree

Near the middle of the level, there will be a Vileplume giving out a lot of gas. If you awake the Vileplume with the Pokéflut, the gas shall subside and you can see the tree