Pokémon Island Valley
Pokémon Island Valley

The Valley is the sixth and final main level that you will encounter, unlocked by finishing the Cave and holds a variety of Pokémon for you to capture on film

Pokémon Found

There are thirteen species of Pokémon found within the Valley. Several of them multiple times. Below is a list as well as screenshots of one of their positions in-game in the likely order to find them:


Bobbing in the river are what seem to be Brown rocks. If you hit them with an island and knock them forwards, they may land on the land. This is where you can take pictures of them


Throw an item into the water for Magikarp to jump out. There is also one splashing about round by Mt. Dugtrio. Hit it with a Pester Ball to get it out of the water. Mankey will punch it and you'll find it later on in the level


There are four Mankey in the level. One is by the Mt. Dugtrio, the next on a ledge of a cliff left of the river, another on the right of a waterfall and finally one on top of the hill which you can knock off by sending a Squirtle his way and he will land on a switch. This makes for good angry close-ups


Goldeen is found by throwing items in the water


Geodude are all clinging to rock faces all through the stage. Hit them with Pester Balls to knock them down so you can grab some photos


If you knock a Geodude down, sometimes a Sandshrew will pop out of the ground


There is a Graveler hiding by the Geodude. Knock the two Geodude near it down quickly. Later on, three Graveler will be asleep. Awake them with the Pokéflute


When the first Graveler lands, Sandslash will come out of the ground


If you knock the Magikarp out of the water nearer the start of the level, it will end up flopping by a Waterfall. Hit it with a Pester Ball and it will fly into a waterfall and evolve into Gyarados


When you get to the rapids, Staryu will float by. Grab a photo of them and they'll start to circle you


If any Staryu circle you, when you get to the end of the rapids, they will go in the water and jump out as Starmie


Dratini is found just left of Dragonite's Whirlpool. It will be jumping out at first but after that take a photo of Dragonite and then throw some Pester Balls. It is also found randomly by throwing items in the water


To the right of the stage near the end you will find a Whirlpool. Throw in 4 Pester Balls and Dragonite will come out

Pokémon Sign

Mt. Dugtrio

Right at the start of the course, you shall see Mount Dugtrio. Get a picture when you get closer to it.