#276 Taillow

General Location Attacks
Normal Sprite
Name Other Names No. Type
Japan: Subame
French: Nirondelle
German: Schwalbini
Korean: 테일로
National: #276
Normal-type Flying-type
Classification Height Weight
TinySwallow Pokémon 1'00"
Abilities: Guts
Guts: When the Pokémon is affected by a bad status condition, the power of its physical moves goes up


Attacking Move Type: Normal-type Attacking Move Type: Fire-type Attacking Move Type: Water-type Attacking Move Type: Electric-type Attacking Move Type: Grass-type Attacking Move Type: Ice-type Attacking Move Type: Fighting-type Attacking Move Type: Poison-type Attacking Move Type: Ground-type Attacking Move Type: Flying-type Attacking Move Type: Psychic-type Attacking Move Type: Bug-type Attacking Move Type: Rock-type Attacking Move Type: Ghost-type Attacking Move Type: Dragon-type Attacking Move Type: Dark-type Attacking Move Type: Steel-type Attacking Move Type: Fairy-type
*1 *1 *1 *2 *0.5 *2 *1 *1 *0 *1 *1 *0.5 *2 *0 *1 *1 *1 *1
Evolutionary Chain
Taillow Level Swellow

Locations & Camps

Rescue Camp Beau Plains
Location Pitfall Valley
Fantasy Strait
Level Up
LevelAttack NameTypeCat.
Peck Peck - Flying-type Peck: Physical Move
Growl Growl - Normal-type Growl: Other Move
5 Focus Energy Focus Energy - Normal-type Focus Energy: Other Move
9 Quick Attack Quick Attack - Normal-type Quick Attack: Physical Move
13 Wing Attack Wing Attack - Flying-type Wing Attack: Physical Move
17 Double Team Double Team - Normal-type Double Team: Other Move
21 Aerial Ace Aerial Ace - Flying-type Aerial Ace: Physical Move
25 Quick Guard Quick Guard - Fighting-type Quick Guard: Other Move
29 Agility Agility - Psychic-type Agility: Other Move
33 Air Slash Air Slash - Flying-type Air Slash: Special Move
37 Endeavor Endeavor - Normal-type Endeavor: Physical Move
41 Brave Bird Brave Bird - Flying-type Brave Bird: Physical Move
45 Reversal Reversal - Fighting-type Reversal: Physical Move

TM Moves
Attack NameTypeCat.
Aerial Ace Aerial Ace - Flying-type Aerial Ace: Physical Move
Attract Attract - Normal-type Attract: Other Move
Confide Confide - Normal-type Confide: Other Move
Double Team Double Team - Normal-type Double Team: Other Move
Echoed Voice Echoed Voice - Normal-type Echoed Voice: Special Move
Facade Facade - Normal-type Facade: Physical Move
Fly Fly - Flying-type Fly: Physical Move
Frustration Frustration - Normal-type Frustration: Physical Move
Hidden Power Hidden Power - Normal-type Hidden Power: Special Move
Protect Protect - Normal-type Protect: Other Move
Rain Dance Rain Dance - Water-type Rain Dance: Other Move
Rest Rest - Psychic-type Rest: Other Move
Return Return - Normal-type Return: Physical Move
Roost Roost - Flying-type Roost: Other Move
Round Round - Normal-type Round: Special Move
Sleep Talk Sleep Talk - Normal-type Sleep Talk: Other Move
Steel Wing Steel Wing - Steel-type Steel Wing: Physical Move
Substitute Substitute - Normal-type Substitute: Other Move
Sunny Day Sunny Day - Fire-type Sunny Day: Other Move
Swagger Swagger - Normal-type Swagger: Other Move
Thief Thief - Dark-type Thief: Physical Move
Toxic Toxic - Poison-type Toxic: Other Move
U-turn U-turn - Bug-type U-turn: Physical Move
Work Up Work Up - Normal-type Work Up: Other Move

Gulpin Tutor Moves
Attack NameTypeCat.
Snore Snore - Normal-type Snore: Special Move
Sky Attack Sky Attack - Flying-type Sky Attack: Physical Move
Tailwind Tailwind - Flying-type Tailwind: Other Move
Endeavor Endeavor - Normal-type Endeavor: Physical Move
Defog Defog - Flying-type Defog: Other Move
Heat Wave Heat Wave - Fire-type Heat Wave: Special Move

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