#478 Froslass
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Candice/Platinum's Froslass
Gender Nickname Ability
Female N/A Snow Cloak
Attacks Ice Shard, Wake-up Slap
Platinum battled this Froslass while challenging Candice at the Snowpoint Gym. Later, Candice gave it to Platinum at the Spear Pillar to power up her team. However, it was injured while inside its Pokeball by Palkia, and was later treated by Daisy before officially joining Platinum’s team.
# Chapter Notes
388 VS Froslass
395 VS Sableye
398 VS Tangrowth
404 VS Elekid
405 VS Electivire
411 VS Dialga & Palkia I
413 VS Dialga & Palkia III
426 VS Kakuna
429 VS Dragonite
432 Alternate Dimension Battle II
439 Alternate Dimension Battle IX

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