#479 Rotom
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Dia's Rotom
Gender Nickname Ability
N/A N/A Levitate
Attacks Air Slash (Fan Rotom), Blizzard (Frost Rotom), Hydro Pump (Wash Rotom), Leaf Storm (Mow Rotom), Overheat (Heat Rotom), Thunder Shock
Dia, Pearl and Platinum encountered Rotom on their first visit to the Old Chateau, where it played tricks on them without them knowing its true identity. Later, Dia and Pearl returned to find it again as it was one of the rare Pokemon Charon schemed to capture. Rotom eventually joined them and lent its powers in the battle against Charon. It stayed with Dia after the battle.
# Chapter Notes
345 VS Rotom
430 VS Rotom
431 Alternate Dimension Battle I
434 Alternate Dimension Battle IV
435 Alternate Dimension Battle V
441 Alternate Dimension Battle XI

  Non-Alolan Trainer's Rotom
Gender Nickname Ability
N/A N/A Levitate
Attacks N/A
In a response to an appeal from Prof. Kukui, Moon was tasked upon bringing this Rotom from a foreign region to him in Alola since it was too weak to be transferred electronically. It merged with Moon's Pokedex to become the Rotom Pokedex.
# Chapter Notes
001 VS Salandit
002 VS Pikipek
003 VS Rotom
007 VS Type: Null
008 VS Alolan Marowak
009 VS Wishiwashi
010 VS Wishiwashi School Form

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