#0480 Uxie
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A N/A Levitate N/A
Attacks N/A
Uxie is one of the lake guardians of Sinnoh who appeared to Platinum when she was young. Team Galactic awakened it at Lake Acuity and captured it to harvest its crystals for creation of the Red Chain. It was later set free from Dia, Pearl and Platinum in exchange for their Pokedexes. It joined the legendary battle in the Distortion World after helping the Senior Team Galactic Grunt return the Pokedexes to the Sinnoh Dex Holders.
# Chapter Notes
367 VS Psyduck Imagination
368 VS Probopass & Magnezone I Imagination
376 VS Staraptor Dream
387 VS Snover Imagination
395 VS Sableye Flashback
398 VS Tangrowth
402 VS Buizel II
404 VS Elekid
407 VS Chingling
408 VS Haunter
409 VS Spiritomb Imagination
410 VS Cradily
411 VS Dialga & Palkia I Flashback
432 Alternate Dimension Battle II
438 Alternate Dimension Battle VIII
439 Alternate Dimension Battle IX
440 Alternate Dimension Battle X
441 Alternate Dimension Battle XI

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