#025 Pikachu
Gen VII Dex
Let's Go Dex
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Picture Name Numbers Type
Pikachu Artwork
Pikachu Pikachu Belle Pikachu Libre Pikachu P.h.D Pikachu Pop Star Pikachu Rock Star
Original Cap Hoenn Cap Sinnoh Cap Unova Cap Kalos Cap Alola Cap Partner Cap
English: Pikachu
Japan: Pikachu
French: Pikachu
German: Pikachu
Korean: 피카츄
National : #025
Kanto (RBY): #025
Kanto (Let's Go): #025
Johto (GSC): #022
Johto (HGSS): #022
Hoenn (RSE): #156
Hoenn (ORAS): #163
Sinnoh: #104
Central Kalos: #036
Alola (SM): #025
Alola (USUM): #032
Classification Height Weight
Mouse Pokémon 1'04"

Evolutionary Chain
(Not Possible in Sun & Moon)
Use Thunder Stone
Alternate Forms
Original CapHoenn CapSinnoh CapUnova CapKalos CapAlola CapPartner Cap
Original CapHoenn CapSinnoh CapUnova CapKalos CapAlola CapPartner Cap
Pikachu's form are unique to a special distribution of Ash's Pikachu, each with a separate hat. These forms cannot breed or evolve, and do not get the benefit of the Eviolite.
The Partner Cap Pikachu can only be obtained in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

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