Super Smash Bros Brawl has 41 selectable stages. 31 new stages and 10 of them are retro stages from Super Smash Bros Melee and two of them are modified from it. There is also a stage creator, but due to the infinite amount of stages you can make, those are not listed here

Picture Name Game Series
Battlefield Super Smash Bros
Final Destination Super Smash Bros
Delfino Plaza Super Mario Bros
Luigi's Mansion Super Mario Bros
Mushroomy Kingdom Super Mario Bros
Mario Circuit Super Mario Bros
Rumble Falls Donkey Kong
The Bridge of Eldin The Legend of Zelda
The Pirate Ship The Legend of Zelda
Norfair Metroid
Frigate Orpheon Metroid
Yoshi's Island Yoshi
Battleship Halberd Kirby
Lylat Cruise Starfox
Pokémon Stadium 2 Pokémon
Spear Pillar Pokémon
Port Town Aero Dive F-Zero
Castle Siege Fire Emblem
WarioWare WarioWare
Distant Planet Pikmin
Smashville Animal Crossing
New Pork City Earthbound
The Summit Ice Climber
Skyworld Kid Icarus
75m Donkey Kong
Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros.
Flat Zone 2 Game & Watch
PictoChat PictoChat
Hanenbow Hanenbow
Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear
Green Hill Zone Sonic The Hedgehog
Temple The Legend of Zelda
Yoshi's Island Super Mario Bros. & Yoshi
Jungle Japes Donkey Kong
Onett Earthbound
Corneria Starfox
Rainbow Cruise Super Mario Bros.
Green Greens Kirby
Big Blue F-Zero
Brinstar Metroid
Pokémon Stadium Pokémon

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