#250 Ho-Oh
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A N/A Pressure Pryce (Mask of Ice)
Attacks Sacred Fire
Years ago, Mask of Ice used Ho-oh to kidnap children across the land and made them his minions. With the help of Suicune, Entei and Raikou, whom it resurrected some 150 years ago, it was set free from the masked man’s grasps. However, years later, Ho-oh once again fell victim to Mask of Ice’s pursuit and was captured atop the Tin Tower. Together with Lugia, it was used to cause havoc at the Pokemon League. It fought Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres at the Ilex Forest, and was eventually set free from Mask of Ice’s evil control by the powerful emotions of all the Pokemon sent in by the trainers in Kanto and Johto.
# Chapter Notes
039 VS. Spearow Flashback
059 VS. Hitmonlee Flashback
090 VS. ??? Imagination
111 VS. Tyranitar Imagination
125 VS. Misdreavus
131 VS. Suicune (Part 2)
132 VS. Suicune (Part 3) Imagination
152 VS. Butterfree Imagination
153 VS. Ho-oh
163 VS. Bellossom
164 VS. Slowking
165 VS. Lugia & Ho-oh (Part 1)
166 VS. Lugia & Ho-oh (Part 2)
167 The Last Battle I
169 The Last Battle III
170 The Last Battle IV
171 The Last Battle V
172 The Last Battle VI
173 The Last Battle VII
174 The Last Battle VIII
176 The Last Battle X
177 The Last Battle XI
178 The Last Battle XII Flashback
179 The Last Battle XIII
180 The Last Battle XIV
408 VS Haunter Imagination
447 VS Feraligatr Flashback
448 VS Parasect Imagination
450 VS Hitmonchan Flashback

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