#644 Zekrom
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A N/A Teravolt N
Attacks Fusion Bolt
Zekrom is one of the legendary dragons mentioned in the myth of Unova’s founding, and represented Unova’s ‘Ideals’. Many years ago, it has turned itself into the Dark Stone for some reason, which was later uncovered by Clay at Desert Resort. Despite the Gymleaders’ efforts to safeguard it, Team Plasma eventually obtained the Dark Stone, and N resurrected Zekrom into its true form at the Dragonspiral Tower. Convinced by N’s ideals, it chose him as the hero and became its companion.
# Chapter Notes
474 VS Stoutland Imagination
475 VS Cofagrigus Imagination
479 VS Amoonguss Imagination
492 VS Excadrill Imagination
495 VS Swanna Imagination
497 VS Tornadus & Thudurus & Landorus II Imagination
504 VS Vanillish
505 VS Beartic Imagination
508 VS Darmanitan
509 VS Archeops
510 VS Samurott
518 VS Unfezant Flashback
520 Zekrom VS Reshiram I
521 Zekrom VS Reshiram II
522 Zekrom VS Reshiram III
523 Zekrom VS Reshiram IV
524 Zekrom VS Reshiram V
525 VS Scolipede Flashback
526 VS Genesect I Flashback
537 VS Kyurem II Imagination
540 VS Mandibuzz
541 VS Volcarona

Transformations, Illusions and Others

N’s Zorua disguised as Zekrom in N’s Castle
# Chapter Notes
522 Zekrom VS Reshiram III

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