#726 Torracat
Gen VII Dex

| Ash |

Ash's Torracat

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
1006 Pushing the Fiery Envelope! Burn with Passion, Litten! Down with Incineroar!! Pics
1007 TBC Ash and Passimian! A Touchdown of Friendship!! Pics
1008 Turning Heads and Training Hard! Ilima and Eevee Have Ilimade Their Entrance!! Pics
1010 Love at First Twirl! Pika Pika Sparkling Love! Poipole Spins Round and Round!! Pics
1011 Real Life...Inquire Within! Work Experience! Around the Clock with the Pokémon Center! Pics
1012 Rise and Shine, Starship! Shine On, Starship Celesteela! Pics
1017 TBC This Tough Old Geezer's the Island Kahuna? Pics
1018 TBC Tapu Bulu! Intense Slacker Training!! Pics
1020 TBC Nanu's Grand Trial! The Awakening of Lycanroc! Pics
1021 TBC Ultra Beast Clash! Operation: Boom Boom Crackle!! Pics
1023 TBC A Sandshrew's Storm! An Ice Hole Double Battle!! Pics
1024 TBC The Young Flame of Alola! The Birth of Royal Ash!! Pics
1025 TBC Won't You Give us a Dance Dance Evolution? Pics
1027 TBC The Shape of Family: Poipole's Feelings! Pics
1028 TBC Leap 'n' Climb: Stakataka! Pics
1029 TBC I Choose Here! The Pokémon Steam Paradise!! Pics
1030 TBC Crisis in Alola! The Darkness that Eats Radiance!! Pics
1033 TBC Connect to the Future! The Legend of the Blinding One!! Pics

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