The C-Gear

The C-Gear is a new feature within Pokémon Black & White. It sits upon the bottom screen in a similar manner to the Pokétch in Diamond & Pearl and provides a variety of features. You get it in-game after completing a task for Makomo.
Firstly, it is constantly looking for local Wireless, InfraRed and WiFi connections for you to meet with your friends. This feature can be turned off easily enough for those who do not wish to be on the constant lookout. To access the various parts of the C Gear, you need to turn the item on when you load up your save file or press the on button on the touch screen allowing it to act as a proper machine. The options of the C Gear can be accessed at any time.

Infra Red Options

The C Gear's Infa Red options are the parts of the C-Gear that are the most plentiful as there are four options here. These options require you and your friend to be in close proximity with your DS consoles facing eachother to allow for the IR signal between the two cartridges to be read. These features are as follows

  • Battle: This option allows for a quick battle between you and your friend over IR. This battle works immediately and uses your current team in the battle.
  • Trade: This option allows for quick trades. You can select Pokémon from both your party and your boxes in order to trade with your friend quickly
  • Friend Code Exchange: This option is for a quick method of transferring Friend Codes between you and your friends. This will allow you to swap them with people you've just met and face them over WiFi at a later point
  • Feeling Check: The Feeling Check is a brand new IR feature which has you and your friend interact via the Touch Screen. This interaction will show how compatible you are and you'll get scored accordingly. If your compatibility is between 00 and 60, then you'll receive a Heart Sweet item. For 60 up to 80 however, you'll receive two. This can only be done with a person once a day

Wireless Options

The C Gear's Wireless option is the feature of the C Gear that you're likely to use the most. Not only does it give multiplayer access, but it provides a vital conduit to accessing the Pokémon you have received from the Dream World. All other Wireless functions are done through the Wireless area in the Pokémon Centres

  • Entralink: This option takes you out of your current area of the game and sends you to the Entralink in the centre of Unova. From there, you have the ability to start your own Entralink adventure or to join the adventures of another player. You can also go north to the Entree Forest to capture any Pokémon you have received from the Dream World.
  • Xtransceiver: The Xtransceiver feature here is just access to the new Xtransceiver feature. This feature allows you to have four-way Video chat with friends within the range of the local wireless signal

Wi-Fi Options

There is only one option available for the C Gear over the Wi-Fi Connection. This feature works in-line with the Pokémon Global Link and allows you to sync your game up with the Global Link site

  • Game Sync: This feature syncs up your game to the Global Link servers, sending your achievements and win records for aspects such as Random Match up to the Pokémon Global Link

Pass By Mode

The Pass By mode allows you to keep the wireless features on within the game as you move around and live your daily life. With this feature on, whenever your game notices another player, it will register them and log certain stats about them including what starter they chose, how far they are within the game and other interesting bits of note.

When you have spoken to the C Gear company in Castelia City, you unlock the survey part. This sends out requests for simple questions such as "What starter did you choose?" "Do you prefer to be inside or outside?" and so forth and the responses get sent back to you va the Pass By mode

If the players are actually playing through parts of the game when Pass By detects them, it will off you details on how they and their Pokémon are doing within the battle.


You also have the ability to customise the C Gear. In addition to the numerous backgrounds you'll be able to download off of the Global Link website, you can edit the positions of the Wireless, WiFi & IR buttons. In addition to that, you can change the style of the button by tapping on the C Gear icon after pressing the customise icon. This allows you to truly make the C Gear your own

Click here for a list of the downloadable backgrounds