Dream World

The Dream World is a new aspect of the games, shown as part of a website called the Pokémon Global Link. The Dream World is accessed by sending your Pokémon using the Game Sync option of the C Gear. From here, you use the Dream Smoke obtained by Musharna and sync your game up to your Pokémon Global Link account located on the official site; http://www.pokemon-gl.com

There are many different aspects of the Dream World to utilise, with this page detailling them. You can navigate on the website through the use of arrows

There are, however, numerous restrictions to the Dream World. You can only access the Dream World for a single conescutive hour in the day. This is set when you enter it first in the day. From there, you will be unable to get into the Dream World again for another 24 hours.


The first area you will see is your house. This area can act similar to your secret base in the past games. Using Berries, you have the ability to purchase a variety of different furniture with which you can decorate the house. Much of this furniture is available at the beginning, but after you have accessed the Dream World for the first time, a girl in Nacrene City will start making furniture for your Dream World apartment. Click here for a list of furniture

In the home, you can also access the treasure chest. This chest can be used for you to take items from. When you remove items from this chest, you can then access the items in your game within the Entralink area after you next sync your game to the Pokémon Global Link.

Finally, you get the noticeboard in the background. This noticeboard will display both the Pokémon you have waiting to send to the Entralink, which can be up to 10 Pokémon, and the Pokémon you have previously sent, originally allowing for up to 50. Once you have reached 50 Pokémon in the second board, you are no longer able to send any further Pokémon. This limit was removed in December 2010.


To the west of your home area is the Berry area.. This area will allow you to grow numerous berries for use either as currency or to send to your main game. Some berries will take more than 24 hours to grow and so will need you to water them once in a while. However, your friends can visit your Dream World and water your berries for you.

You start off with two rows of which to grow your berries, but when you reach 900 Dream Points, you'll get a third row. You can get a fourth at 2,100 Dream Points and a fifth at 3,600 Dream Points.

Item Area

To the east of your home area is the Item area. This area features a simple item rack where you can place up to nine items on a rack. These items can then be traded by your friends who come and visit your island. To do this while in theirs, you just have to click the item and select another item of which you wish to place in the area. This is very handy if your have found an item in the Dream World of which your friend really needs.

Island of Dreams

On the other side of the island is the access to the Island of Dreams. The Island of Dreams allows you to go through various areas and collect items and Pokémon. Click here for details on the areas. When you go through the areas, you will eventually reach the end where you'll find the Dream Tree. This tree will allow you to offer a berry in exchange for sending a Pokémon to your Entralink. You can skip this function and then come back to the area for more items and Pokémon. However, once you have offered a berry and selected a Pokémon, you cannot return to the Island of Dreams until the next day.

The Pokémon you find will have special moves dependant on the score you get in the mini-games when you encounter them. Click here for details on the moves.

Friend Areas

In the main area of your Dream Island, you'll have a button which will allow you to check out all the islands in the area. These islands are based upon the friends in your Pal Pad. Once you and your friend ahve registered eachother in your Pal Pad and had at least one WiFi encounter, their island will be accessible. Here, you can click their island and it will switch it as the main island. You and your Pokémon can now interact with your friend's area, allowing for the trade of items and to water their berries

Dream Points

As you do various tasks within the Dream World, you will accumulate Dream Points. These points are used as a levelling system to give you access to new areas within Island of Dreams and various other perks including more Berry rows. To check your Dream Point amount, you just need to look in your profile on the Global Link and it will be shown with the details on how long your Pokémon has been asleep in the Dream World.

If you manage to accumulate over 500 Dream Points in one dream state of the Pokémon, it will raise a level upon your next Game Sync.

Dream Points are accumulated in the following of methods.

Points Method
10 Points Water your friend's Berries
20 Points Complete mini-games in the Island of Dreams
30 Points Make Dream Pals with someone
50 Points Log in to Global Link