One of the new features within Pokémon Black & White is the Pokémon Global Link. This feature allows you to upload your save to the Internet to access a specific website in order to get features and Pokémon in your Black & White games.

Game Sync

To connect to the Global Link site, you need to Sync up with the website over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This is done through one of two ways. First, you can sync up using the Dream Smoke feature given by the Pokémon Munna and Musharna. In addition to this, you can also then sync up through the C Gear. When you sync up, you send across just one Pokémon to enter the dream world from your Box.

Dream World

Once in the Dream World on the Pokémon Global Link site, you will then have the ability to play some minigames on the site with your Pokémon and even encounter and befriend other Pokémon while there. The mini-games on the site are not yet known, but we will update with them as soon as we can.

Pokémon Capture

While in the Dream World, you will befriend other Pokémon. At one point, you'll end up having to challenge the Pokémon. Capture it here, and you can transfer it to your Black & White games next time you sync your game up to the Global Link. These Pokémon will usually be Pokémon not within the Unova Pokédex. It is currently unknown what determines the Pokémon species you will discover.
Many Pokémon within the Dream World may have abilities that they didn't have within the third and fourth generation games.

Berry Growing

In the region of Unova, Berries do not grow. The only way to get berries is to grow them within the Dream Word. Growing is done in a similar manner to in the previous main games and once the berries have grown, you will have the ability to send them back to your game.

Random Match

In addition to that, once you have signed up on the Pokémon Global Link, you will have the ability to go in for Random Matches within the Pokémon Centres. Here, you can also get ranked based on your performance and your rankings will appear on the Pokémon Global Link website.

Downloadable Content

Finally, access to the Global Link will allow you to get a variety of downloadable content. After being connected to the Global Link, you'll at times be able to download some special backgrounds. Like previous games had backgrounds for your box, Black & White expands upon this to give you downloadable backgrounds for your Pokédex and C Gear. In addition to this, you'll be able to download new songs for the Pokémon Musical.

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