Like all previous games which were a start of a new Generation, Pokémon Black & White introduce new and alternat methods for evolving many Pokémon. These evolutionary methods both enhance upon and even duplicate previous methods. Unlike last time though, there is only one completely new method of evolution.

Pokémon Specific Trade

The main new addition to the Pokémon evolutionary system is a new style of trade evolution. Previously, Pokémon evolving by trade just needed to be traded or have a hold item. However, these new Pokémon only evolve when you trade them specifically with another Pokémon. This explains why their evolutions look slightly different than you think they would with others believing association would be with the other Pokémon.

Base No. Pic Base Name Method Final No. Pic Final Name
#588 Karrablast Trade with Shelmet #589 Escavalier
#616 Shelmet Trade with Karrablast #617 Accelgor

Trade with Items

Although having to trade Pokémon holding items is nothing new, Pokémon Black & White introduce a new item to evolve an old Pokémon. As this game doesn't feature the Beauty stat in any accessible way, it is providing a new alternative in order to evolve Feebas into Milotic..

Base No. Pic Base Name Method Final No. Pic Final Name
#349 Feebas Trade with Prism Scale (きれいなウロコ) Attached #350 Milotic

Location Based Evolutions

Location based evolution was introduced during Diamond & Pearl in order to evolve several of the old Pokémon into then-new ones. In subsequent games such as HeartGold & SoulSilver, you were unable to evolve these Pokémon since the areas didn't exist in the games. Although Black & White doesn't have those specific areas in the game, it does provide new alternatives for these evolutions, as detailled below.

Base No. Pic Base Name Method Final No. Pic Final Name
#133 Eevee Level up by Moss Rock in Pinwheel Forest #470 Leafeon
#133 Eevee Level up by Icy Rock in Twist Mountain Basement #471 Glaceon
#082 Magneton Level up in Chargestone Cave #462 Magnezone
#299 Nosepass Level up in Chargestone Cave #476 Probopass