Nimbasa City Dome

In Nimbasa City, next to the Pokémon Musical Dome, are two specific sports halls. These halls hold various sporting activities across several days and, within them, are around 100 potential trainers for you to battle. The sports being played are dependant on the day and the times that games are actually played vary from season to season. The sports played are as follows;

Big Dome
BaseballMonday, Thursday, Sunday
SoccerTuesday, Friday
American FootballWednesday, Saturday
Little Dome
TennisMonday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
BasketballTuesday, Thursday, Saturday


As there are numerous trainers capable of being in the Dome, the trainers are selected at random. Some of the trainers will give you a specific item while others are just rebattleable each day. Click here for a list of trainers. The items you have the ability to receive are as follows

Picture Name Effect Trainer
Big PearlA quite-large pearl that sparkles in a pretty silver color. It can be sold at a high price to shops.Lady Emilia
EtherIt restores the PP of a Pokémon's selected move by a maximum of 10 points.Researcher Ikumi
Researcher Yoshinori
Fresh WaterWater with a high mineral content. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 50 points.Waiter Hisashi
Waitress Nana
Full RestoreA medicine that fully restores the HP and heals any status problems of a single Pokémon.Nurse Yukie
Max ReviveA medicine that revives a fainted Pokémon. It fully restores the Pokémon's HP.Doctor Ryuichi
Moomoo MilkMilk with a very high nutrition content. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 100 points.Baker Yuri
NuggetA nugget of pure gold that gives off a lustrous gleam. It can be sold at a high price to shops.Gentleman Masaomi
PP MaxIt maximally raises the top PP of a selected move that has been learned by the target Pokémon.Veteran Allen
Veteran Sayuri
PP UpIt slightly raises the maximum PP of a selected move that has been learned by the target Pokémon.Elite Trainer Tatsuya
Elite Trainer Lucy
Rare CandyA candy that is packed with energy. It raises the level of a single Pokémon by one.Day-Care Teacher Nanako
RepelAn item that prevents weak wild Pokémon from appearing for 100 steps after its use.Backpacker Hiromu
Backpacker Patti
Ultra BallAn ultra-performance Ball that provides a higher Pokémon catch rate than a Great Ball.Youngster Kazuki
Lass Rika